CERPEN: I Will Always Love You

MY wife and I knelt in front of a tomb. Dried leaves scattered around the tomb. For three days the tomb cleaner miss work because of illness. My own clean dirty headstones. I looked at her name “Yunita”. She died at age 15. A young age. It happened more than 35 years ago.

Yes, more than 35 years ago I was sitting on the bench SMAN class 1 and class 3 for Yunita SMP in Palembang. In short, I’ve been loving so young. Adolescence is a very exciting time. Quite often come home from school do not go straight home, but first walk from store to store. Or just eat meatballs and drinking coconut ice. Evening had come home.

“Oh, yes. Do not forget Tuesday’s birthday Cherry. Exactly, February 14. Something like Valentine’s Day! “Yunita remind me. Cherries are classmates.
“Oh, yes. We are definitely coming. Yes what a suitable gift for him? “. I said over a cup of coconut ice.
“In my opinion anyway, Cherry likes dolls are so cute”
“Ah, it’s really like a big doll?”
“He’s got a hobby collection of dolls funny”

“O” I understand that Cherry had a hobby like that. After eating meatballs, I and Yunita soon to a store to find a cute doll. After we finally picky choosing pussycat dolls named. Cat doll wearing a pink ribbon. Cute and adorable. Almost like a real cat.

And indeed the Tuesday me and Yunita present at Cherry’s birthday party. Also, Valentine’s Day party. Almost all of Cherry’s friends on SMP is present. Even some teachers also attended, among others, Mr. Faiz, Mr. Mulyoso, Mrs. Niniek , Mrs. Rivanti and others.

“Hello Cherry. Happy birthday. Happy Valentine’s Day “says Cherry Yunita, kissing cheeks. Then submit the package containing the pussycat dolls. After congratulating me, grabbed me and Yunita food already prepared.

Incidentally, during the meal, more Yunita chat with the teachers. While Cherry accompanied me more. For some reason, Cherry was so friendly attitude towards me. Perhaps he knew that I was buying gifts pussycat, so Cherry appreciate my presence? I certainly do not want big flavor. Although I admit to myself prettier than Yunita Cherry.

Apparently Yunita jealous too. Coming home from the birthday Yunita angry.
“Why, Cherry together and hold together?” As soon as he was getting angry.
“Well, he’s a got home. Naturally, if I’m dong appreciated. Moreover, I am not the only one of the SMP. I was the only new friend Cherry. He just asked about the lessons in SMAN. Difficult or not. He also asked, delicious IPA enter or IPS. Cherry asked for consideration, really “My explanation for long enough. Indeed, Cherry asked all of it. Yunita seem to understand. Yet his face remained clouded.

Well, a week later, instead of when my birthday, so I invited my high school friends. Only two children of my SMP legislation, namely Yunita and Cherry. My house is quite crowded. Attended by about 50 close friends.

Cherry is dressed contemporary look that becomes belle of the ball. Many of my male friends who asked the name of SMAN se Cherry. Introduced even ask. Yes, all of my responsibilities are. Even two or three friends I introduced to Chelsea.

What makes the problem was, when I cut the cake. Outside of my consciousness, the first piece I gave to Cherry. Cash SMAN friends cheered and clapped noisily. They are my girlfriend Cherry.

Well that’s where the tragedy. Yunita not bear to restrain emotion, tart which I submit to Cherry has been captured. Cherry maintains that cake. A fight was inevitable. Tuft hair pulling occurs.

“You want to grab my guy, huh?” snapped Yunita.
“It’s not my fault if I was given dong cake first” Cherry denies. Quarrels and fights were short-lived. My friends and my two teachers who attended participated melerainya. Unfortunately, Yunita straight out of the room and go home on a motorcycle. We happened to go put on their motorcycles.

When I would catch Yunita, Cherry held my hand.
“Respect for the arrival of my dong.” Oddly, I went along. From that day on Cherry often come to my house. The story, Cherry fights with Yunita in school. On the other hand, every time I pick up Yunita, Yunita always avoided. In fact every time I come home Yunita, he did not want to see me. Finally, Cherry actually became my girlfriend.

Three months later, I was surprised at the unexpected news. Yunita committed suicide by drinking insecticide. He left a letter for me and Cherry. Brief contents. Just hope my words and Cherry happy.

That has happened more than thirty years ago. I just knelt before the tomb Yunita. Pilgrimage is complete, my wife and I, who was none other than Cherry, immediately leave the tomb Yunita. We just pray that the spirit Yunita acceptable in the presence of God Almighty.

Cherry headed to my car and followed the fall of a few dry leaves.

Photos: sabdaspace.org

Hariyanto Imadha
Short story writer
Since 1973


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